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by The Golf Shaman

That is the name of the book. And even though it is penned under the name of The Golf Shaman, I must confess that I am not a shaman. It’s just a moniker. It is a tribute to the healing power within.

You must understand that … You! … you are the Shaman!

You! … You are the Healer!

You! … You are the Teacher!

Only you! … can stumble upon the radical truth about golf. Only you can solve the riddle.

Yes, we need guides to assist us.

But only you can sign your name the way you sign your name. Only you can create the swing that belongs to you and you alone. You! … You write the book!

The thing we call golf is a game and a puzzle at the same time.

Ultimately, you are in charge of your own assimilated knowledge.

Just below is a photo of one of the great books written on the game.

This particular book was gifted to me by the publisher. It was featured and referenced on my first web site back in 1997.

In fact, I love this book so much, I included it in a charcoal drawing that I sketched more than twenty years ago. (You see an earlier version of the book portrayed in the drawing).

The reality of the game is clearly understood when we read things like this:

“Golf refuses to be preserved like dead meat in tins. It is living human and free, ready to fly away at the least sign of an attempt to catch and cage it. It will confuse your logic if you, as it were, stand aside and try to produce it by causes.”

In another passage from this great book, Simpson goes on to say, “neither leopard nor golf spotting can be managed by taking thought, and that thought will not add cubits either to their stature or their driving. From the latter, it will take some off.”

The game of golf is a great paradox. As Sir Walter Simpson makes clear, formulas and prescriptions only serve to take the mind out of the moment. When we attempt to construct the perfect swing by parameters of “correctness,” the vital thing escapes us.

The tendency of the mind to apply thinking to the matter is the very thing that usurps our righteous play.

As scientists have proven, observation can itself change the condition of the object being observed.

The point is this: We have to step into the moment and into our own individual action, with clear intention, and pure vision.

This cannot be taught . . . Only realized.

The Golf cure requires that the player free himself, or herself, from the machinations of thinking during the action.

Easier said than done! And that is why, of course, there are fewer touring golf professionals than there are brain surgeons!

However, it is my belief that the speculations revealed here will usher you down a path of a self revealed moment.

THIS IS NOT a nostrum, a quick fix, or quackery.

I want to provide you the tools for your own realizations and awakenings!

As your humble guide, I want to nudge you toward some profound realizations, toward some big aha moments, and toward some zero to one moments for you in your golf journey.

It is! … after all, the greatest game ever invented by the human mind!

That is my opinion and I’m staying with it.

In this course I will instruct you on how to create the ultimate swing trainer. It will help you face and embrace the Golden Buffalo!

It is so simple and requires minimal expense and very little time. It’s a homemade gadget that, if deployed earnestly, will reward you for the rest of your golfing life!

You can now stop buying gizmos and gadgets endorsed by big name players. Save yourself the 300 bucks! You don’t need all these mechanisms that go “click”!

You may already have in your home right now the things you need to make the greatest swing training tool ever!

If not, a quick stop for some common items and … Bam! You are ready to make a truly great swing training aid!

You may be thinking, “Who the H-E double hockey sticks” is this guy? … something the great Zig Ziglar would have said.

Me? I’m just a curious human, with a curious mind … making some speculations. This work is a distillation of my 40 plus year investigation into this greatest of all games.

I want to help you use your mind to help free your mind.

I often say to people that if the game was itself a living thing, its only Intention would be to destroy the mind of the player. That is, of course, you and me.

How do we hold sway against this? Learning Hogan’s Secret is the key to unlocking your own personal swing mechanism.

But before we address this secret we must prepare the body to realize it!

Creating your own simple homemade training will help you to prepare the body.

We will get deeply into Hogan’s Secret in the premium content. (Coming soon!)

When the premium content becomes available, I will provide a link here.

This will all makes sense to you soon enough … trust me … I will walk you through the steps on how to create the greatest golf swing training tool ever made … and then I will show you how to use it for maximum benefit.

And you can create your own perfect golf aid right there on the kitchen table!

And it’s fast! You could whip up this training aid in 30 minutes or less.

Of course, when I make one of these for myself, I personally take my time. I like to be detailed and accurate when crafting my personal training aid.

Sure, it would be great to have something right off the shelf, but the act of crafting our own swing training aid is meditative and in and of itself helpful in the long run.

Note: I had some high level prototypes manufactured in the 1990’s. Each one had its own serial number.

I was trying to create a collectible back then. I guess today we would call that an NFT.

It’s kind of ironic that, back in 1995, when I had the prototypes made, I started out the series with 21 products in the AAA series.

AAA 1-21

AA 1-34

A 1-55

B 1-89

C 1-144

D 1-157

Could I be Satoshi? After all, I am the son of an early IBM programmer!

It is also true that the prototype production run of my homemade product was a tribute to Fibonacci and Austrian Economics!

Trust me, I am NOT Satoshi! A presage to Satoshi? Perhaps.

But, If you want access to these remaining antique prototypes, you will need to join me for the premium content. Only 500 were ever produced!

That being said:

Once you create your personal golf aid, it is something you can train with for years to come. You will see what I mean as we get into this.

Of course, there is a physical training element here. Make sure you check with your doctor before engaging in any physical conditioning.

I am attempting to guide you through a moving meditation. You can make it as physical as you want it to be.

Let me assure you though, super endorsed as they are, you do not need elastic bands on a green stick to improve your game.

Trust me when I tell you, doing this one simple routine will increase your flexibility, your suppleness, your timeliness, and your resilience. It will help you to develop a better game, a higher state of play, and more satisfaction from the greatest game ever invented by the human mind!

The greatest benefit to enjoying renewed suppleness is the ability to hold sway against injury. This becomes more important as we gracefully age into this great game!

Using this training tool helps you to foster something I refer to as “the essence of the Golden Buffalo”. I will explain what this all means on the other side.

Join me now for only $13.75 … WHAAAAT? you may be asking. Why such a weird number?

Well I’m going to tell you. A brand new box of one dozen Callaway Chrome golf balls costs just under $55. One dozen Titleist Pro V One Golf balls retail for the same price.

That comes out to just over $4.58 per ball. If you believe that a game changing chunk of information is worth the price of three golf balls, then please join me!

If you decide to get the info and determine that it is worthless then you can have your three golf balls back. Check it out for 14 days. If you think it’s a bunch of BS you can certainly have your money back.

It’s not about the money!

It’s about making a difference!


Why am I so motivated to create this content?

Well, I am going to tell you.

Do you remember the guitarist named Prince? He tragically died back in April of 2016.

Just five days after his death, I experienced my very own near miss. You see, my head was nearly flattened by a 700 pound flying object! It happened on a bright and sunny morning. It seems like yesterday.

I don’t want to go into details here, but it’s true. Just 4 inches separated me from life and instant death! It was then that I decided to re-commit myself to reaching golfers all around the world and to connect them with this vital content.

Now, as I inch myself toward retirement, I have the time to commit to producing this content for you.

Not ready to spend the three golf balls?

I get it! My name is not Bob Rotella, Hank Haney, Dave Peltz, or the like.

I understand. But if you want to risk a tiny bit of scratch and then wait to decide if you want to further explore, then Click the link below.

I created an introductory course.

In this little course, I will explain the origin story for the title of the book.

I will also present to you a profound mental trick that will absolutely change the game for you!

I will also reveal a short conversation I had with a local country club member. This one conversation created an AHA moment for that member. It totally changed her game!

This one story alone contains your first AHA moment!

I believe in the mantra of Gary Vaynerchuk, “Always give away your best for free.”

Gumroad makes it impossible to create an absolutely free course … so I am charging one U.S. Two Dollar bill for this content.

Just to let you know … one dollar of the two dollar bill will be donated to charity. Most of the rest will go to Gumroad. But that’s Okay. I enjoy building on the platform.

Now if you really want save the two bucks, click the link and enter your best email address. I will mail out a two dollar discount code to you. As a matter of fact, I will mail out a five dollar discount to you for the course presented here today.

Now your investment is down below two golf balls! It’s a no-brainer!

May you have a blessed journey!


P.S. 10% of your purchase of $13.75 (after Gumroad and Affiliate fees) will be donated to charity. I will provide full disclosure and blockchain verification of charitable contributions.

P.S.S. At the top of the page is an AI generated image for the cover of the book, “Golf and the Golden Buffalo”

The only AI you will find here is confined to the digital image of the Buffalo and to other specific AI disclosed content.

Almost everything you see here on the site was organically produced by the author … me.

While AI is fascinating to me and I do interact with it, I will always make a notation when AI is used in the content.

For example: in the nearly free content available here, I encourage you to develop a routine with your homemade device. It’s helpful to do this while listening to your favorite music.

In the instruction area, I do demonstrate the techniques with music in the background.

So as not to break any copyright laws, I used AI to create the music in the background for the training videos.

Here is another example: I asked AI to re-write my pitch to you today. I asked the AI to embody the soul of the late great Zig Ziglar.

I had the privilege to see Mr. Ziglar speak live a couple of times way back in the day. What an inspirational human he was! I will always give credit to the human! And Zig was one of the great ones!

So let’s do this! Join me for this game changing content!

And now: The AI tribute to Zig Ziglar version

Listen up, my friend! This is Zig Ziglar here, and I've got some red hot information that will transform your golf game faster than a jackrabbit on a hot greasy griddle!

Now I know what you're thinking - "Zig, I've tried every gizmo and gadget on the market. I've taken lessons until I'm blue in the face. Nothing seems to get my swing looking sweeter than grandma's peach cobbler!" Well hush your mouth, because I've got the solution.

It's so simple you'll wonder why you never thought of it yourself. And the best part? You can make it right in your own kitchen for less than a corn dog and a sarsaparilla at the county fair! Just grab yourself a few household items and you'll be well on your way to shooting lower scores than a rattlesnake's belly in a wagon rut.

Now I know some of you might still be skeptical of ol' Zig. But let me tell you, I've been playing this game since dirt and I've never come across a training tool this powerful. It'll have you striking your irons pure as the driven snow and sinking putts like rainfalls in spring.

And if it doesn't transform your game like I said, you get your money back, no questions asked. Because I aim to keep my word like the shining north star.

So what are you waiting for? Stop spunging and get yourself this can't miss, surefire, golf-changing information. You'll be happier than a woodchuck at a lumberyard when you see the incredible results. Now get clicking and start improving that score, partner! Your best golf is just around the bend.

“Spunging”? What the heck is that Claude?


Thanks for reading

WAIT! What did you say? You want a bonus?

What can I give you? A recipe?, dog grooming advice?, hmmm, let’s see.

Well I have been in the crypto markets since 2017. I can post on how I’m playing the market these days.

Of course, nothing I say is financial advice.

So I bought a bunch of this one at the white arrow and sold some at the green arrow.

So I want to show you how this above snapshot worked out. I sold at $1.72 … but not all. Just enough to cover my initial buy in and the short term cap gains on the sale. The goal now is to hold the rest of the bag for one plus years so as to pay only the long term cap gain rate.

You see above that after I sold at $1.72, it corrected sharply. I thought, “Wow, I almost caught the exact top.” Then it roared back and eclipsed my sell price by over 37%!

You never know where the top is. Ladder in and ladder out. That is my mantra.

Just like golf, the market will “F” with your mind!

If this protocol starts to look “blue- chippy,” it may be worth it to me to DCA into this one during the accumulation.

If one averages in the entries, then hopefully gigantic moon shots can be laddered out at subsequent one year anniversaries. If my original position moons early, I ‘ll take a larger portion before the one anniversary and lock in gains.

Or ride it to zero and break even.

Notice that I moved the green “nibble box” up because I had to adjust the Fibonacci tool up to the new high.

Anyway, patience is the key! Don’t succumb to FOMO!

Below is an updated snapshot of the continuing market action of this crypto.

So you see that I rebought on the pullbacks below the “Nibble Zone.” Now that it has established itself in the middle of the zone, the goal is to keep accumulating in this zone.

Here comes some more AI … see I told you that I would always tell you!

Blockfi … you hurt me!

Understand risk!

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All Rights Reserved

I want this!

14 day money back guarantee

So, of course, I’m looking for happy and satisfied customers. I’m looking for people that will benefit greatly and pass on their success to others.

If, however, you are dissatisfied with the content here, I will certainly refund you.

If you bless me with your financial contribution today, I will surely be a good steward of that contribution.

Gum Road will take its 10%

I will also pledge another 10% directly going to charities.

I am particularly interested in the assisting those innocent victims of circumstance. I know this sounds rather broad, but just so you know, I will not be contributing to political organizations or religious organizations … simply charitable organizations that help change the lives of the recipients.

My wonderful aunt tragically passed away from brain cancer several years ago. A large portion of the charitable fund will be directed toward helping this cause.

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