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Golf is the greatest game ever invented by the human mind and on April 23rd, 2016 my golfing days were nearly cut short. On a sunny Spring day, just five days after the world mourned the loss of the famous guitarist Prince, fate intervened to spare me from a near-catastrophic incident. I narrowly avoided a 700-pound flying object that could have crushed me. I mean, I fell on my back, and stared at the sky when it landed at eye level and four inches from my head! Let's just say that only four inches were between it, my head, and a guaranteed closed casket funeral. Standing up, unscathed but overwhelmed with gratitude, I realized the urgency of sharing the knowledge and ideas I had accumulated over the past 30 years. If that day had ended differently, my unique perspectives and valuable insights would have been forever lost—a disservice to my fellow golfers, the devotees of the greatest game ever conceived. For that reason, this is a very unlikely book! From a young age, I was captivated by the enigmatic allure of golf. It all began one rainy spring day when I was just five or six years old, sitting in the back seat of the car on the way to my grandparents' house. As we passed a golf course, I spotted numerous colorful umbrellas scattered across the green expanse. Curiosity consumed me, and I couldn't help but wonder, "What drives grown-ups to chase a tiny ball in the rain?" My folks were not part of the country club set. They were all about visiting family, attending church, and going on summer camping vacations. Many years passed until a friend in my high school re-introduced me to the great game. He went on to be a club pro. I would spend years struggling to find the effortless power that my friend so instinctively demonstrated. It wasn't until I turned twenty-one that I finally stepped onto the golf course as a player myself. Naturally, I was terrible at first, but the game had already cast its spell on me. At the age of twenty-nine, I started documenting my golfing experiences, insights, and discoveries. Now, at the ripe age of sixty-two, I reflect upon over four decades of playing and writing about this fascinating game. I want to make it clear that I am not a renowned instructor, nor have I mentored any PGA tour players. I am not even a member of the PGA myself, which undoubtedly raises questions about my credibility. Yet, what I lack in fame or social proof, I compensate for with a story worth telling and insights that can genuinely enhance the game for golfers of all levels. This is my attempt to contribute to the perennial philosophy. This book isn't about teaching you how to swing a golf club. Countless volumes already address that aspect. Instead, it aims to help you discover your inner golden buffalo—the essence of your golfing prowess. It seeks to aid you in quieting your mind, enabling you to focus on that one pivotal thought that propels you towards a seamless and powerful swing.

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